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I, too, need to put cornflakes on the table, so I work from anywhere. Wherever we are, that’s my office of the day. And somehow there’s often a cat.

Hard at work

How I can help

As a copy editor and content writer, I can help you with things like:

  • blog posts
  • social media posts
  • bio or About pages
  • product descriptions
  • landing pages
  • newsletters
  • tender proposals
  • reports
  • slide presentations

Essentially, I free up your time and energy so you can stop stressing over what to say and how to say it. I help you put cornflakes on your table.

Let me put my background to work for you

  • I have degrees in English and in Education, as well as a certificate in editing, all from top Canadian universities.
  • I have a background in communications and administration in nonprofits and post-secondary education.
  • I worked with consultancy firms involved in development projects in Africa.
  • I often help non-native English speakers write and edit proposals, major research reports, and communication materials.
  • I understand how important it is to use plain language to best communicate your message.

For more information about my services and rates, visit me at

My travel experience, combined with a stint in hospitality management in Africa, is also leading me down the path of writing for travel and tourism, while my keen interest in personal development has led me to write content in the personal coaching space.

I like to mix it up, but that’s what this travel thing does. It constantly opens new doors. This bigger perspective, combined with a dedication to lifelong learning and an addiction to researching the s**t out of any topic–well, let’s just say it makes my head explode with all sorts of creative ideas. Ideas that you can use.

How we can work together while I’m off wandering the globe

What if I’m in Banwell, UK and you’re in Kep, Cambodia, you ask? No problem. I’ve worked remotely for many years, so I’m a pro at keeping the communication flowing, collaborating online, and using tech tools efficiently. And I make time zone differences work to my clients’ advantage: I’m the little elf who works while you sleep.

Let’s talk about your business needs and how I can help. I’ll create a brief proposal with deliverables, timeline, and cost once I know the scope of your project.

Visit and fill out the contact form, or email me at info[at]lorisloanfowler[dot]com with a brief description of your project and we can arrange a chat over Skype or WhatsApp to discuss.


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