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Location independence. Slow travel. Digital nomads. Whaaat? As late boomers, aren’t we a little old for this? As it turns out, no.

My husband and I sold it all up in late 2016 and left Canada (for the second time, but don’t get me started!) to lug backpacks and laptops around the world because we can. We prefer to avoid winter weather. In other words, we’ve become soft. But we’re not snowbirds, no. This isn’t some annual six-month winter escape, but a full-time gig. An experiment in working from anywhere and lowering our cost of living. We live where we like for a few months at a time, and then move on.

This time around, we didn’t have a house to sell. We don’t have the luxury of investment income or a beefy savings account to supplement our travels. Yes, indeed we are a special breed of crazy: two ordinary folks who should have more money at this point in our lives but don’t.

But that’s another reason we’re trying this: to see if we can lower our expenses to make more room for–now, what do you call it? Oh yeah, retirement savings. We have to put in normal work days like everyone else. The difference is in the environment. We want the freedom to experience different places and people.  The freedom to choose sea view or garden view. To say no thanks to the three-bedroom rancher with the koi pond in the backyard, or even the city condo lock-and-go. At least not now.

Come along with us as we wander. I have a 75L backpack, so I’m sure I can squeeze you in if I dump a few of my toiletries. Wheels up!


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